Who is the new president of iFood?

Discover the profile of the company's new leader, Diego Barreto, and the trajectory of Fabricio Bloisi, appointed to be global CEO of Prosus and Naspers

iFood has a new president: from May 17th, Diego Barreto will take over the position from Fabricio Bloisi, who was appointed to be global CEO of Prosus (main investor and partner of iFood) and Naspers from 1O July.

It's quite a feat: It will be the first time that an executive from a Brazilian technology company will take over the operation of a global giant leaving directly from Brazil. The company, headquartered in Amsterdam (Netherlands), operates in around 60 countries, with more than one hundred companies — and is an investor in Mobile since 2008, which is why he helped build iFood as it is today.

“It was because of all this work we have been doing in recent years, looking a lot at innovation, technology, culture, management model, that I ended up being invited to take over the presidency of Prosus”, says Fabricio, who remains at iFood as a shareholder and president of the Board, a position he has held since 2015.

“This nomination is a great recognition for me and also for Brazil, after all, today we have few Brazilians holding the position of president in large companies around the world.”
Fabricio Bloisi

In his place, Diego Barreto takes charge of iFood, who becomes the company's new president.

“It's been six years working alongside Fabricio, sharing his vision of the future, important decisions and contributing to the consolidation of iFood's culture, for its growth and innovation”, says Diego.

“We will keep the dialogue we already have today with delivery people, always with the aim of increasingly improving our way of working together. And we will continue with the active work of listening with the restaurant community through constant dialogues and exchanges and, mainly, the Restaurant Forum”, adds the new president.

Who is the new president of iFood?

Diego Barreto
President of iFood

Diego Barreto from Minas Gerais joined the Movile Group in 2016 and has been at iFood since 2018, when he took over as CFO and Vice President of Finance and Strategy. Graduated in Law from PUC-SP, he completed an MBA at IMD Business School and is the author of two best sellers: “New Economy” It is “The Scientist and the Executive”.

Diego actively participated in the implementation of the iFood management model and in strengthening the company's culture in an important period, which included the start of the logistics operation and the expansion of iFood's activities beyond food delivery — with market operations , pharmacy, pet, benefits and fintech.

“I am committed to continuing iFood’s strategy of exponential growth and innovation and to continuing, in particular, the investment in the development of delivery drivers and in education.”
Diego Barreto

He also dedicates his time to serving as a mentor at Endeavor and 500 Startups, where he mentors budding entrepreneurs. In addition, he supports more than 30 startups in different countries and is an advisor to Old and New Economy companies.

Before joining iFood, he was a senior executive at Movile and Suzano Papel e Celulose. He is passionate about the subject of New Economy, which is the focus of his books and columns he writes at MIT Technology Review. For him, the New Economy is a means of creating inclusive and diverse opportunities, which reflects his commitment to equality and social justice.

Diego is also an enthusiast of education and continuous learning as drivers of change and values inclusion and diversity. And consider the Entrepreneurship an expression of innovation and creativity in any context. 

Critical of the short-term mentality, it seeks to promote a culture of total transparency within iFood, valuing ethics and strategic focus as fundamental pillars of business success.

The trajectory of Fabricio Bloisi

Fabricio Bloisi
Global CEO of Prosus

Fabricio Bloisi, a Bahian born in Salvador, is the founder of Movile and assumed the role of president of iFood in 2019. Since 2015, he has also been President of the company's Board. 

In his youth, he moved to Campinas (SP) to study Computer Science at Unicamp. Upon graduating, he founded Movile, which started in a small room with two people and became the leading group of technology companies in mobile commerce in Latin America.

In 2013, Fabricio and Movile acquired iFood, a startup with 20 people that is now the leader in food delivery in Brazil and has more than 5,000 employees, 350,000 restaurants and more than 300,000 delivery partners. He leaves command of the company after being appointed to be global CEO of Prosus and Naspers.

“I am proud that we have transformed iFood into one of the biggest and most successful brands in Latin America”, says Fabricio. “iFood focuses on innovation and discipline, which combined with our exceptional people, knowledge and culture, results in a proven recipe for success. This combination is in my DNA and I’m excited to bring it to my new role as CEO of Prosus and Naspers.”

Continuing his professional development, Fabricio also completed a Professional Master's Degree in Administration at FGV with a focus on the growth of startups. He also attended the EPGC at Stanford Graduate School of Business and attended the Owner/President Management program at Harvard.

Believing in the power of education, Fabricio is dedicated to encouraging projects in this area. He is the founder of 1 Bi Foundation, which supports education through technology. 

In 2023, it was appointed UN spokesperson to talk about education and it was cinvited to join the Sustainable Social Economic Development Council of the Presidency of the Republic. During its management, iFood created education projects such as Tech Power, O My High School Diploma and the Tech Movement.

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